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Healthcare Compliance Software Company


This company spent a year and several thousand dollars of their marketing budget to create awareness and drive the sales of their new healthcare compliance software package. They felt the efforts of the agency they hired to help them didn't generate any new business through their marketing, PR and advertising efforts, so they turned to us for help.


We took a look at their marketing materials and efforts to date, and tried to determine what message they were leading with in the market. We found a mixed message, primarily leading through the value proposition of "helping companies remain compliant with government regulations and HIPAA." We suggested testing that message with a controlled audience of 10 selected clients and prospects. Among other things, we asked 3 primary questions of
each company:
  1. Why did they first agree to take a look at (or purchase) our client's software
  2. If they were a client, we asked what they liked best about using the software they purchased
  3. What would they tell other companies about our clients' software.

In the research gathered, not once did anyone mention they bought - or evaluated - our client's software because of the stated compliance aspects of the solution. Most of the comments centered around automation of tedious tasks, cost savings on training, and the one-touch reporting capabilities. We took that information and reworked their product brochures and developed a 3-part direct mail campaign using the comments generated from the study, and as a result they generated over 20 new sales opportunities in a 3-month time, from a mailing list of only 200 target companies.