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Magazine Publisher


A magazine and web publisher had been in business for over 10 years in a very competitive market for a finite amount of advertising dollars. Previously, they never had a professionally-produced media kit or marketing materials to tell their story to their target advertisers. Both management and the sales team wanted to improve their image and kick the sales effort into a higher gear, so they asked Burke to help.


We began by developing an updated look and feel to their current materials, to solidify their branding and elevate their image in the eyes of their target audience. We then developed a high-end booklet that contained information on each of their 10+ media sources and developed the messaging and taglines that told of the benefit to advertising in one or more of the media channels. We combined that with an updated rate card and packaged it all in a die-cut folder that carried the branding forward, forming a first-class media kit that will last them for years to come.