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Major Newspaper Corporation


A major newspaper corporation was struggling with declining advertising revenue, given the move from people reading the newspaper, to getting their news and information from the plethora of online sources. Burke was engaged to develop the product requirements document and subsequent marketing launch activities of a new online information portal that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users. This portal would then become a new place to generate additional advertising revenue to replace the attrition in the traditional news space.


We began by performing research into similar sites launched by other sources in other markets to gain an insight into what is out there, what is working and what is not. We then worked with a firm to pull together focus groups broken out by demographic to determine what exactly the site could offer that would be compelling enough for our target audience to access - and use - repetitively. We used the data collected to develop the product requirements for an innovative and validated advertising medium for their target advertisers. The site is now live and contributing to the revenue stream of the newspaper.