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Payroll Processing Company


This is a payroll processing company targeting businesses with 2-200 employees. They originally came to us asking for help developing a direct mail campaign to announce - and generate new business for - a new service they wanted to offer. After meeting with them to discuss messaging, target audience, value proposition and ROI messaging, we determined that some market research was required to help them to best identify the need for - and the messaging of - this product line.


We developed a survey to send to a targeted audience with the following objectives:

  • Identify if the company has a preferred vendor for payroll processing, and have them describe their current level of satisfaction with their selected vendor.
  • Identify characteristics the target company looks for in payroll processing vendors.
  • Identify the knowledge of and/or provider of flexible spending accounts in the target companies. If the target company does not currently have an FSA provider, determine their receptivity of providing the benefit to their employees.
  • Identify the preferences for the execution of payroll processing, enrollment and distribution at the target companies. Further probe to see if their current vendor provides their preferred methods of execution.
  • Identify specific opportunities that may currently exist in the local market.

The results of the survey taught our client many important lessons about their market, the position they hold in the market, how their target audience uses and/or perceives outsourced payroll providers, and most importantly, the characteristics they look for/feel are most important in a payroll processing vendor. Our next steps include taking the data and developing new marketing materials, value propositions, and a direct mail campaign that will generate new business for the small but growing company.