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Logistics Company


This company is a family-owned and operated business that, over the course of its lengthy history, has never invested in marketing or advertising. They came to us as a result of slower growth rates, and thoughts of missed opportunities in the market. We suggested a market research project to measure brand awareness, and probe for ideas in their target prospect base for new solutions they could add to their current product line. In addition, we wanted to learn how their target audience searched for logistics solutions when the need arose.


We developed a market research study with the following objectives:

  • Identify logistic service needs (not currently being met) among our target group that our client can market
  • Identify needs (or lack thereof) for services our client currently provides and markets
  • Measure brand recognition and preferred marketing channels for logistic services
  • Identify specific service opportunities available for immediate sales follow-up

The survey results were very eye-opening and informative to our client. Among other things, they learned they held the #3 position in brand recognition for local logistic services. Most importantly, they learned the best marketing method to raise further name recognition and to generate leads: Putting their trucks on the road with their name, contact and positioning information clearly labeled. Their big problem was that their fleet of trucks were for the most part generic, with no name or contact information painted on the sides and back. Now, their entire fleet has been painted a bright color with their name spelled out the entire length of the truck, along with their email address and phone number.

The Result:

More inbound calls for service than in their entire company history.